About JapanMade


Storytelling the crafts of Japan


Endure the culture and give inspiration to a better lifestyle
by introducing Japanese craftsmanship to the world.

The stories behind the crafts

A group of young Japanese founded JapanMade in August 2016
to spread the stories of their own country’s craftsmanship to the world.

In order to introduce the passion put in their crafts,
JapanMade interviewed hundreds of craftsmen all over Japan. 

By doing so, we figured out the culture needed more of these 3 factors. 

1. Distribution route
2. Successors 
3. Equipement

Selling the product is indeed important,
but the people would need to “know” the product before the purchase.

In order to improve these 3 points,
raising awareness and the recognition is the first step we must focus on.
We want to help the craftsmen by being the “storyteller” of their passion.

This wonderful culture and the crafts have their own story and passion behind them.
We are willing to send the messages to different cultures all over the world,
hoping it would give inspiration to a better lifestyle.

JapanMade will be the platform to tell those stories for the future and the culture.